NEW REPORT: Childcare Providers’ Recommendations for a Statewide Quality Support System

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Over the summer, a working group was assembled to create recommendations for a statewide Quality Support System (QSS) for childcare that works for Mississippi children, families, and childcare providers. These recommendations were crafted by a team of approximately 20 childcare providers, with guidance and support from other early childhood professionals, and input from Mississippi parents via focus group. The intention of this process was to create recommendations for a QSS that are rooted in the lived experiences of providers, family needs and preferences, and research-based practices. These recommendations were compiled in a report that was submitted to the Mississippi Department of Human Services – this report is now publicly available!

The report includes overarching recommendations for:

  • What must be true of a quality support system for it to benefit Mississippi families and providers.
  • Key considerations and guiding principles to help ensure that the Quality Support System is sustainable, equitable, and effective.
  • A general structure or organizing framework for the system.

Before the recommendations were finalized, the workgroup conducted an online survey of over 300 members of the broader Mississippi childcare community to gauge their satisfaction with the initial proposed recommendations.

  • 89% of respondents were supportive of Mississippi developing a QSS, whereas just 2% were not, and 9% were not sure.
  • 96% of respondents were satisfied with the overall recommendations put forth. Less than 1% were not satisfied, and just under 4% were not sure.
  • At least 92% of respondents approved of the specific recommendations for each component of the QSS.

Learn more about the process used to create these recommendations, and plans for future Quality Support System work led by the Mississippi Department of Human Services on the QSS Workgroup page of our website.