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We support Mississippi Child Care Providers through a Shared Services Website

Mississippi Early Learning Resources is a one-stop location for ECE policies, forms, regulations, guidance, discounts, and more to save Child Care Providers time, reduce costs & improve quality

We support Parents and Caregivers

Designed to support parents and caregivers of Mississippi children between the ages of 0-8, Thrive by 3rd Texts is a service that provides helpful advice specifically timed to a child’s age, with resources focused on wellness, early childhood growth, education and specific developmental milestones directly to a caregiver’s phone.

Child Care Clean Plus


Child Care Clean + (also referred to as CCC+) is a program made possible through House Bill 1782, which appropriated $3 million to the North Mississippi Education Consortium to distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitation supplies to licensed childcare providers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The appropriation was the result of the collective advocacy efforts from several child care directors, the Mississippi Early Learning Alliance (MELA), the Children’s Defense Fund, and the Graduate Center for the Study of Early Learning.

Because of CCC+, 842 licensed childcare providers were awarded over $3500 to purchase PPE and cleaning supplies. Click the button to watch the video and learn more.