Take Action For Mississippi’s Children

Our work is driven by the belief that together we can realize greater outcomes for young children than any of us can produce on our own.

Policy Solutions to Increase Access to Affordable Childcare

The Mississippi Early Learning Alliance (MELA), the University of Mississippi’s Graduate Center for the Study of Early Learning and other early care and education professionals across the state have been working together to gather data and community input on policies that would immediately help to meet the childcare needs of working parents and caregivers. These partners have identified two foundational strategies: increasing teacher retention by increasing teacher pay, and reducing childcare costs for working families.

Learn more about these policy solutions, and use our Media Advocacy Toolkit to send a loud and clear message to policymakers in Mississippi!

Join us for Capitol Day

Since January 2020, the Mississippi Early Learning Alliance has hosted Early Childhood Development Day at the Capitol. Whether virtual or in-person, these events are designed to help early childhood professionals and legislators better understand early childhood issues, needs, and opportunities in Mississippi. Capitol Day convenes policymakers, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders to explore how policies focused on early childhood can help Mississippi children and families – as well as the Mississippi economy and workforce. These annual events also provide an important platform for childcare providers and early childhood organizations to build working relationships with legislators and one another. To learn more about Capitol Day, visit the link below.