Join us for the Mississippi Forum for the Future Summit on May 18th, 2023

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Hold Thursday, May 18th, 2023 in your calendar because you’re going to want to be at the Forum for the Future Summit! This event will be held in the greater Jackson area, and will focus on the tangible ways we can come together to build a state-of-the-art childcare system that meets the needs of all children and families. The Summit will convene a broad group of early childhood interest-holders from nonprofits, government agencies, childcare programs, large industries, and philanthropic organizations. In addition to early childhood experts and service providers, we’re inviting human resource leaders, mayors, legislators, and community advocates to the table. 

During this interactive event, attendees and speakers will explore a structured approach to achieving the following outcomes in Mississippi by 2030: 

  • Childcare is a stable, competitive, and respected field.
  • Families throughout the state have access to affordable childcare.
  • Communities experience improved health, academic, and economic outcomes through early care and education programs.
  • Early care and education programs are supported by sustained resources and investment.

We’ll also hear from inspiring guest speakers, discuss what it means to be a member of Forum for the Future, and launch cross-sector working groups that will complete projects aligned to the outcomes above. Attendees will leave the summit with a clear understanding of Forum for the Future can help them amplify their existing work and create systems-level change in our state.  

More details about the Forum for the Future Summit will be coming soon, including:

  • Event venue, time, and registration information
  • Virtual/online attendance and participation options
  • Scholarship or stipend opportunities for childcare providers to help cover the cost of travel or substitute staff.

About Forum for the Future

Forum for the Future is a movement to transform the childcare system in Mississippi. More specifically, Forum for the Future is a collective impact initiative that is designed to help Mississippi’s early childhood organizations and advocates break down silos and leverage their combined efforts, resources, and expertise to work toward one big goal: building a state-of-the-art childcare system that meets the needs of all children and families in Mississippi. 

Forum for the Future’s success will be driven by the continued guidance, participation, and support of early childhood & childcare professionals, parents, business owners, policymakers, and more. It’s a structured way to help us all work smarter – not harder – together on behalf of Mississippi’s children. 

Forum for the Future was created by three organizations – the Mississippi Early Learning Alliance (MELA), the System’s Change Lab of MSU’s Social Sciences Research Center (SSRC), and the Children’s Foundation of Mississippi. These organizations formed the original backbone of this project, using a collective impact framework to structure the work and collaboration. Currently, the MELA is responsible for keeping this movement organized and progressing toward the 2030 goal, with support from the SSRC partners.