Mississippi Early Learning Resources is launched!

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MS Early Learning Alliance Partners with CCA For Social Good to Support Child Care Business Success During Crisis

Child Care Businesses Platform Provides Thousands of Tools and Resources to Support High Quality Child Care

 CCA For Social Good, a division of CCA Global Partners, is proud to announce their partnership with the Mississippi Early Learning Alliance (MELA), to customize a shared resources online knowledge hub designed to support the success of early childhood education professionals.

Focusing on its strategy of engagement, connection and mobilization, MELA sees the platform, MS Early Learning Resources, as a conduit between their organization’s mission and the early childhood education community throughout the state. With the demand for quick access to relevant support and meaningful cost savings opportunities growing in the early childhood community during the current crisis, the shared resources platform serves as a one-stop location for the tools and guidance a child care professional needs to continue to thrive. Additionally, it supports providers as they continue to strive to meet the needs of children and families and build a strategy for success after the pandemic.

“We see the platform as not only an extension of our mission but an essential resource for Mississippi providers working through these tumultuous times,” stated Angela Bass, Executive Director, Mississippi Early Learning Alliance. “MELA is committed to ensuring we are doing everything we can to support the overall well-being of child care and early education programs by offering them access to current tools on COVID-19 and ensuring they have quick access to pertinent early childhood information. It is important that programs have access to resources and information that enables them to focus on meeting the needs of children and families they serve, all while taking care of their own business and the teachers and staff that depend on them. We see the shared resource platform as an essential tool in these efforts.”

“The ECE Shared Resources platform provides early education professionals access to thousands of resources that support programmatic and operational business practices which impacts positive outcomes for children in both center and family-based child care programs,” stated Denise Sayer, Vice President of CCA For Social Good, the innovator of the online shared resource platform. “The platform is especially helpful in the current child care environment because of its ability to adapt and respond to the ever-changing needs of this professional community.”

The online knowledge hub was developed in 2009 to support child care business sustainability by offering a one-stop location for child care directors, business owners, teachers and staff access to guidance, tools and resources on important topics such as budgeting, business best practice, human resources handbooks and policies, safety policy and procedures, and cost savings through pre-negotiated savings programs. The goal of the platform is to aid child care business owners and staff in saving time and money so they can focus attention on providing high quality child care. Currently the platform is expanding to include up-to-the-minute business and classroom supports to strengthen child care operations amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Mississippi joins 30 other states that have adapted the shared resources platform as a one-stop resource for early childhood education professionals. For more information about CCA For Social Good and ECE Shared Resources, please contact Erin Holt at eholt@ccaglobal.com. For more information about Mississippi’s shared resource platform, please visit www.msearlylearningresources.org, or contact Angela Bass at angela@msearlylearning.org.

 About CCA For Social Good

CCA For Social Good is an operating division of CCA Global Partners, a privately held cooperative that has supported small businesses for over 30 years. CCA For Social Good provides web-based platforms that help thousands of nonprofit organizations and early childhood education (ECE) centers manage the administrative aspect of their organizations. The platforms (integrated password-protected websites) deliver a set of powerful tools and shared resources resulting in more efficient and successful operations. CCA For Social Good puts time and money back in the hands of directors and managers of ECE programs, allowing them to focus where it matters most: on the children in their care. To view a sample platform, please visit www.ecesharedresources.com.

About the Mississippi Early Learning Alliance

The Mississippi Early Learning Alliance (MELA) was established in 2018 through the vision and support of the Tallahatchie River Foundation. MELA drives collective impact with diverse stakeholders to achieve systemic change leading to the holistic development of Mississippi children in their first 8 years of life. MELA’s work is centered around coalition-building, disseminating pertinent information about Mississippi’s early childhood system, and achieving shared goals with partners for positive early childhood system change. www.msearlylearning.org