The State of PreK in Mississippi

One of the founding issues of MELA partner Mississippi First is publicly funded PreK. Find a great deal of information about the state of PreK in Mississippi, how to apply for a state funded PreK collaborative, or how to support PreK in your community by taking advantage of the 1:1 PreK state tax credit on … Read more

MELA Partner releases report about connection between child care and Mississippi economy

“The Chamber Foundation partnered with the Mississippi Economic Council (MEC) and the Children’s Foundation of Mississippi on this report to better understand the unique needs of Mississippi’s working parents and how childcare breakdowns impact working parents, their employers, and the state economy. Mississippi families are pursuing postsecondary education and training programs to advance their careers and … Read more

Make the Most of Out-Of-School Time!

The more children have positive adult interactions and meaningful play opportunities, the stronger their brains grow! During this uncertain time, we’ve scoured the internet for the best stay-at-home learning FREE resources for parents, grandparents, and any caregivers wanting to use at-home time for fun AND learning. It’s targeted for children 2-8!